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From our SeenCoupon platform, we offer you the strongest discount coupon of up to 10% from the Citruss store.

Who is Citruss store?

“Citruss” is considered the best leading network in the world of the Internet and online shopping platforms for household matters in particular, and this network is available in several ways, including a channel on TV, the official website, and also an application that supports mobile devices. Now the name “Citruss” has been very familiar throughout the Middle East for a while now.

What products does Citruss offer?

Citruss has been established since 2005 in Saudi Arabia, to become the largest platform that provides all household needs with different quality, you may encounter normal quality, medium and high quality products. Hence, Seencoupon offers you a discount on all products of up to 10%, where you can visit the site and browse the sections, which are:

Kitchen Section at Citruss

All kitchen necessities and what a woman needs to enjoy cooking are waiting here, where you can make a purchase:

  • Kitchen electronics: such as air fryers, juicers, food processors, steamers, manual and regular rings, ovens and grills time, snack and snack makers.
  • Kitchen essentials: plates, stainless steel and glass utensils, spoons, forks and knives of various sizes,
  • KITCHEN ACCESSORIES: Citruss offers fancy dinnerware, some lids
  • Brands: Buying the most luxurious brands can be tried, such as:
  1. Manal ALAlem.
  2. Balzano.
  3. HappyCall.
  4. MR.C
  6. See All.
  7. Prestige.

Furniture and Home Department at Citruss

Get a discount of up to 10% from Seen Coupon on all kitchen supplies and furniture from “Citruss”, where you will find in this section:

  • Household essentials: such as cleaning supplies, decorations such as curtains, lights, plants, decorations, and many more.
  • Transport tools: You will find everything you need from bags, boxes and travel bags of different sizes.
  • Electrical: like refrigerators, washing machines, screens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and more.
  • Famous brands: which are first-class.

Beauty and Grooming Department at Citruss

The ball is here in “Citruss” in the women’s court, where many cosmetics can be purchased, such as:

  • Skin and hair care products.
  • body care.
  • Cosmetics.
  • the health.
  • Top brands of perfumes and skin care devices

The Fashion Department at Citruss

This section includes:

    • Clothing: the most important of which are abayas and women’s clothing.
  • Jewelry and watches.
  • and some brands.

10% off coupon from “Citruss” store

10% off coupon from "Citruss" store

When you open the SeenCoupon homepage and enter this offer, click on the “View Coupon” button to benefit from 10% discounts on all products, browse and add to your cart, put the appropriate address and the platform will provide you with shipping to your home.

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