One thousand publishers on ADMITAD | Your chance to win online is 600

The Admitad network is a well-known network and one of the oldest and best networks through which you can earn big money, and in this article from Sen Coupon we will explain to you information about this network and how to register and work with it.

About the Admitad website

  • Admitad was founded by Alexander Bachmann who is now the CEO of this company and is said to have started working on the Internet and on electronic networks at a young age, around the age of 15.
  • Although the site was established a long time ago, it did not become famous until the beginning of 2010 and its popularity continues to this day.
  • There are approximately 600,000 publishers from all over the world who work on the site and earn their living through it.
  • In addition, the site provides a suitable work environment for workers in order to achieve a good income.
  • The site depends mainly on two parties, the first is the publisher and the second is the advertiser, and the advertiser is the one who wants to increase his sales, while the publisher works for the advertiser to achieve this increase according to certain conditions.
  • Admitad follows a large group of programs and is closely linked to it, so the site will facilitate many services for you and you will be able to easily enter more than a thousand programs through it.
  • Moreover, you will not have difficulty in using the site because the design of the site is simple and once you enter it, you will be able to understand it.

How to register on Admitad

In order to be able to use this site you must be logged in, so in this article from sen coupon we provide you with the steps to log in as follows:

  • First, go to the site and click on the field with the word Join.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter your personal data such as your name, date, etc.
  • After completion, you must confirm your email and after confirming it, you will have obtained an account on the Admitad website and you can log in at any time you wish.
  • After entering, you must choose the site you want to market to.
  • Then, after selecting it, click on Apply
  • The page of the site of any kind will appear to you and follow the instructions that will appear in front of you in order to be able to apply on the site to work in it.
  • We advise you, while applying on the site, to write promotional sentences for the site that attract attention and at the same time, honest and far from pretentious, and send them your writing.
  • You will be answered in a very short time, either with approval, and here is how you will start working according to the terms and conditions set by the site. In fact, these conditions differ from one site to another, it may be simple and it may be difficult and complex.
  • Or you will be answered with a refusal, and the reason for the refusal is usually explained, and here you can try again at a later time after you fix your mistakes that caused you to be rejected from the beginning.
  • And in the event that you are having difficulty with something, you can ask for help from the site.

As we can see, the Admitad website is an uncomplicated site as some might think. In fact, this is one of the most important features of the site besides It has many other advantages, and thus, once you read the login steps, you will be able to easily log in, use the site and profit from it.

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